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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 99.99% Killing rate: High power 300w uv tubes with 254nm wavelength and Ozone 185nm wavelength provide double sterilization which can reach up to almost one hundred percent.
  • Large disinfection area: 300w high power disinfection ablility can sterilize within 100 square meter. Kind of suitable to Home and Hotel .
  • Removable design: The base is equipped with four movable wheels, which can be moved to any position you want to disinfect and fix it.
  • Handel design:The top has a handle design, easy to move and change to disinfection lamp. Easy and convenient.
  • Remote control: You can remote control the lamp by the remoter through the wall, so that you can have enough time to leave the disinfection area with you baby and your lover pets.

Product Details

Brief introduction:

The ultraviolet disinfection lamp can purify the air, eliminate moldy odor, disinfect and sterilize,

and remove mites. In addition it can generate a certain amount of ozone ion. Especially suitable for those who have no time quilt. In public places, UV disinfection can also prevent some bacteria from spreading through the air or passing through objects.

The below are the  feature for our w uv disinfection lamp with ozone:

Safety design and anti-collision

Quartz tube with high transmittance

Leakage protection

Remote control through the wall

Stable performance

Fifteen startup delay to keep you away from the uv light


Lamp holder material: stainless steel

Lamp material: Quartz ultraviolet lamp

UV startup delay: fifteen second



Advantage : The principle of disinfec- tion and sterilization by pure ultravio- let sunlight irradiation disinfection,only twenty minutes of ventilation can be used to enter the room after use,almost no residue after disinfection

Disadvantage : There are dead spots that cannot be disinfected, ultraviolet rays cannot reach there, and deep
 disinfection cannot be penetrated.

Application recommendation: It is rec- ommended to use non-ozone lamps in empty rooms, rooms without dead cor- ners, and rooms with poor ventilation.

UVC with OZONE :

Advantage: Dual UV ozone disin- fection FULL ANGLE dead space-free disin- fection and sterilization. In addition to radiation sterilization, it also sup- plements sterilization in places where ozone-free deep disinfection is impossible, and it can also elimi- nate odor. In addition to formalde-hyde.

Disadvantage: There will be a strong ozone odor during use, the ventila- tion time must be extended by more than Fourty minutes.

Application: Large house/ multi/stackmasonry project/dead coner/long term exposure to sunlight and overlap woth mold prone.


When using ultraviolet disinfection lamp, people and animals must leave the site! Long time contact with

ultraviolet rays burns people's skin and eyes! After non-ozone ultraviolet disinfection, ventilation is required for twenty- thirty minutes.When using ozone uv lamps, it is necessary to continue to close the door for more than 40 minutes after disinfection, and then open the door for entry after ventilation for  twenty- thirty minutes.

Suggestion: do not directly irradiate the food; when disinfecting the bed, put the lamp on the bedside table or table instead of directly on the quilt sheet.

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