480W Wifi AI Disinfecting Smart Sterilizer Light Disinfect UVC Robot UV Lamp

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • [High Power] - 480w uv tubes reach up to 99.99% kiling rate.
  • [High Speed] - 30-50sqm/min can covers more than 90% disinfection coverage.
  • [Remote Control] - It can be controled by PC or Android system mobile phones.
  • [Intelligent Route] - The robot system will generate an environment map automatically after the robot walked to the disinfection site.
  • [Smart Dinfection Area] - It can set up the robot disinfection area,no-kill zone,red line zone and restricted zone.

Product Details

Disinfection method: UV light disinfection

Disinfection track: Arbitrary settings for PC

Size: L607*W536*H1200mm

UV Light power: 480W

Disinfection speed: 30-50 sqm/min

Walking speed: Forward" 2-40m/min, spin-turn 1-25m/min

Disinfection coverage: 99%

Electric equipment anti-collision: Vision+ultrasonic

Battery type: Li-battery

Battery voltage/capacity: 36V/30mAh

Networking: Built-in wireless network card

Shenzhen Supernova Technology Co., Ltd

Contact Person: LI XU

Telephone: +86 18826022519

Landline: +86 0760-88285770

Company Address: Building 23, #24 Chuangye Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


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