High Efficiency Anti Virus Auto-recharging Industrial Spray Disinfection Robot Atomizating Sterilization Robot

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Spray disinfection robot / Disinfectant atomization / Anti-Viurs

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance:Lidar SLAM positioning navigation makes obstacle avoidance more flexible
  • Remote navigation deployment:Cloud platform remote map constructionTime-saving and efficient
  • One-click start disinfection:Target points are calibrated according to actual needs, and disinfection tasks are performed with one key
  • Custom disinfection route:Laser construction of indoor navigation map to mark disinfection target points
  • Automatic return to charging:Life time: three to fours hours Battery is below minimum Automatically return to the charaina station to charge

Product Details

Brief introduction:

The disinfection robot uses the robot as a carrier to carry out are atomization and disinfection in the form of diluted disinfectant, According to actual needs, it independently plans the disinfection route, fully automatic indoor unmanned driving, and can proform 360°Dead corner disinfection, 1000m³space can be disinfection in 15 minutes to advoid the risk of personnel infection.

1.Indoor autonomous mobile multi-point spary disinfection
2.Original cloud service management platform, remote navigatuin deoloyment, time-saving and efficient
3.It can disinfect 1000m³of space in 15 minutes
Robot cruising speed adjustable range:0.2m/s-0.8m/s
4.One-click start and execute disinfection tasks
5.Laster SLAM builds maps and intelligent obstacle avoidance
6.3000ml/h atomization volume, 360°air surface disinfection
7.13L larger water tank makes the robot spray disinfection work lasting
8.37V/10A·h lithium battery, 3-4 hours long-lasting battery life
9.Automatic return to charging, no human operation
10.Support common disinfections such as hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite,  hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, etc

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