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  • Company : Shenzhen Supernova Technology Co., Ltd
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • t can automatically start disinfection and you can set the disinfection on PC or mobile phone.
  • The battery life is about 3 hours. It can automatically go back to charging station to charge when it is out of power.
  • It can automatically recharge when power is low.
  • With VSLAM and laser SLAM, operation of the robot is more stable.
  • It can be linked with the ladder control system, so the robot can automatically take lifts and work in different floors.

Product Details

Way of moving: Autonomous mobile indoor navigation

Moving speed: Arbitrary settings for PC

Size: 0.2-1.2m/s

Sterilizer efficiency: 99.99%

Battery life: 2.5-3 hrs(automatic charging)

UV output power: 67.2W

UVC Lamp power: 180W(30W/pcs 6pcs in total)

Battery capacity: 20800mAh/37V

Total weight: 50kg

Machine size: 540mm(L)×360mm(W)×1536mm(H)

Shenzhen Supernova Technology Co., Ltd

Contact Person: LI XU

Telephone: +86 18826022519

Landline: +86 0760-88285770

Company Address: Building 23, #24 Chuangye Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


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