Mite Brush Hand Portable Lightweight Home Cleaning Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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  • Company : Shenzhen Supernova Technology Co., Ltd
  • Telephone : +86 18826022519
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • [Powerful Suction] - Use efficient pure copper circle motor, making 7000Pa vacuum with 35000RPM Min. It can instantly suck dust and release air. It can suck feather, dust, rice, snack and even bean.
  • [Strong Battery] - It has 4 groups of 2000mAh battery. Thanks to BMS intelligent battery management system, the battery can be used for longer time. It can work 25 mins after being charged fully.
  • [Lightweight] - It is very light. Only 0.95kgs. In order to make it suitable for lady, we make light weight design. We reduce weight and volume of the unit. Very easy for lady to use.
  • [Low Noise] - It is applied 360 degree multiple noise reduction technology. It only produce 65 dB noise. When it is working, baby and pet can stay well.
  • [4 Types Filters] - The first type is P20 delicate cotton filter, which can release fresh air. The second type is carbon fibre filter, which can filter mites and dust easily. The third layer is Heap filter, which can filter H13 grains. The fourth laywe is big grains filter.

Product Details

Product size: 287*141*1080mm

Power: 16.8V 1A/65W

Dust box: 1.2L

Suction power: ≥7000 Pa

Working time: 25 mins

Charging time: 3-5 hrs

Package size: 560*500*340mm(6pcs/CTN)

Net weight: 11.2KGS

Gross weight:12.1KGS

Shenzhen Supernova Technology Co., Ltd

Contact Person: LI XU

Telephone: +86 18826022519

Landline: +86 0760-88285770

Company Address: Building 23, #24 Chuangye Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


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